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Docker Minecraft JAVA PaperMC Server 1.19

Docker Minecraft PaperMC server for 1.19, 1.18, 1.17 and 1.16 (deprecated!)

Minecraft 1.19

docker pull marctv/minecraft-papermc-server:1.19

Quick Start

docker pull marctv/minecraft-papermc-server
docker run \
  --rm \
  --name mcserver \
  -e MEMORYSIZE='1G' \
  -v /homes/joe/mcserver:/data:rw \
  -p 25565:25565 \
-i marctv/minecraft-papermc-server:latest
docker attach mcserver

How do I update the container?

  • Re-download the image from the docker
  • Stop the container
  • Clear the container
  • Start the container


You can use volumes to store data persistantly, for example:

docker run --rm \
	-p 25565:25565 \
	-v <full path to folder where you want to store the server files>:/data:rw \

Run as non-root user

You can get the desired UID/GID (xxx) with the ID command (id username) then add the following to your docker run command:

-e PUID=xxx
-e PGID=xxx

Docker Compose

If you prefer to use docker-compose, use the following commands:

Start the server:

docker-compose up

Stop the server:

docker-compose stop

Issue server commands after attaching to the container:

docker attach mcserver
# then you can type things like "list"
# which will show the current players online or
# to see all the commands available

How to use the Makefile with Docker Compose

Additionally, a Makefile is provided to easily start, stop, and attach to the container.

make start     # equivalent to `docker-compose up -d --build`
make stop      # equivalent to `docker-compose stop --rmi all --remove-orphans`
make attach    # equivalent to `docker attach mcserver`
make help      # prints a help message

Environment variable


Not more than 70% of your RAM for your Container! This is important! This is the RAM your Minecraft Server will use within the container WITHOUT the operating system.

TZ = Europe/Berlin

Sets the timezone for the container. A list of valid values can be found on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tz_database_time_zones


Tutorial (german) https://marc.tv/anleitung-stabiler-minecraft-server-synology-nas/

Watch the video



On GitHub https://github.com/mtoensing/Docker-Minecraft-PaperMC-Server

This server is live here: https://mc.marc.tv

Based on the the work of Felix Klauke Thanks for your help!